Marco Island

Nestled on Florida’s west coast and adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico is Marco Island, Florida. As the largest barrier island comprising what is known as southwest Florida’s “Ten Thousand Islands,” Marco Island is known for its mangroves and close proximity to the Everglades, its beautiful, pristine beaches, fine dining, outdoor recreational activities, and tropical climate. Marco Island, Florida provides the visitor with incredible scenic views of sun-kissed beaches, turquoise waters, and Florida wildlife at its finest. Approximately four miles of sandy beach stretches across the island featuring some of Florida’s most prestigious and unique resorts.

Offering activities for every tourist, a stay at Marco Island may include recreational activities for the adventurous spirit as well as the laid back individual who likes to remain close to the ground. Water sports are in demand and there are many parasailing excursions for the fearless individual to participate in. Other activities include wave runner events, dolphin watching tours, manatee excursions, fishing charters, kayaking, snorkeling and diving and dinner cruises. Golf lovers will find plenty of lush, green courses to spend their time with, while fine shopping experiences and boutiques dot the island. Additionally, Marco Island’s nearness to the Everglades makes eco tours a popular attraction.

There are airboat tours that take visitors through the waters for a close-up encounter with the wonder and beauty of the Everglades and its natural wildlife. Close to Marco Island is the Briggs Nature Center where those who would like to view Florida’s fauna and participate in bird watching may explore some of Florida’s most beautiful scenic wonders. Museums, wildlife parks and sanctuaries and diving trips, all make a trip to Marco Island and adventurous experience not soon to be forgotten. Marco Island also features luxurious as well as distinctive resorts that will cater to your every whim while pampering your body into a truly relaxed and blissful state.

With a Mediterranean flair, the Marco Beach Ocean Resort features gorgeous architecture combined with unspoiled landscaping and a unique view of pampering each visitor to this luxury getaway. Other popular resorts include the Marco Island Hilton Beach Resort and Spa and the Boat House Motel that offers a unique, waterfront view of the island.

Offering modern amenities with old Florida charm, there are always seasonal activities and events taking place throughout the island. Peak season is from May through December and the island features plenty of historical locations that bring Florida’s rich history to life. In addition to museums, landmarks and natural preserves, Marco Island features the Cushing Archaeological Site, located opposite the Riverside condominium, and has been known to unearth some of the nation’s most important historical treasures. History lovers will enjoy a visit to Old Marco Island’s historical regions as well as the island’s modern day marvels.

Home to numerous fine dining experiences, some of the most popular eateries include Todd’s at Tigertail, Quinn’s on the Beach, the Sand Bar, Old Marco Lodge Crabhouse, Marco Polo Restaurant, and the House of Mozart.

From gulf sea breezes and romantic sunsets to the cultural attraction of Old Florida, Marco Island provides a wealth of experiences for visitors year round.

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Things to do in Marco Island

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Marco Island, Florida enjoys a warm, tropical climate year round with winter lows ranging from the low 50s to highs of 70s. Summer temperatures include lows in the 70s to highs in the 90s, which makes for year round activities. The temperature of the Gulf waters does cool in the winters to a chilly 66’ in January and February and warms up in the 70s throughout the months of March and April. From May to October, the Gulf heats up between 81’ and 87’. The year round climate provides the perfect backdrop for numerous activities and in cooler months such as from November to March and April, plenty of water activities are still enjoyed. Where locals may find water temperatures of 71’ through 77’ from March and April a bit cool, yet perfect for boating activities, snowbirds find the water refreshing and it isn’t uncommon to see them participating in swimming and diving activities. Whether a resident or tourist, Marco Island’s climate provides the perfect setting for year round fun and excitement.

There is always something to do in Marco Island ensuring that all visitors will have plenty of activities to engage in and enjoy. The city is home to several notable attractions, and there is plenty of fine dining to be enjoyed. Waterfront activities are at the forefront and these include fishing, boating, jet skiing and more. Marco Island is home to a wide array of beautiful beaches and is known as one of the best areas for shelling worldwide. Popular beaches include South Marco, Tigertail, and Cape Romano or Kice Island. Those who enjoy fishing tours may want to check out Hammerhead Charters, Sunshine Tours, or Wild Thing Charters for an enjoyable day exploring the Gulf.

Marco Island’s close proximity to the Florida Keys ensures that those who would like to explore the wonders of Florida up-close have many opportunities through many tours, such as the Everglades Area Tours that provides boating and fishing charters.

Golf lovers enjoy the beauty of Marco Island, Florida and the city boasts several exquisite golf courses and clubs such as the Hideaway Beach Club and the Island Country Club.

Live entertainment, comedy shows, cultural attractions and events, and art museums keep many visitors and locals itineraries full. The Art League of Marco Island is your one-stop resource for local art museums and galleries. Moreover, there are many boutiques and shopping centers in the Esplanade that are enjoyed by area shoppers and tourists alike.

Those who enjoy an active nightlife will find Marco Island does not disappoint. A number of nightclubs dot the city, providing ample enjoyment. The Crazy Flamingo, Bombay Club, and Casa Loduca are sure to keep you busy after sundown, while those who enjoy live music may wish to visit the Marco Island Princess club.
Marco Island offers a plethora of wonderful activities for everyone to engage in.

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Marco Island Hotels

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Those staying in Marco Island have their choice of hotels and resorts. From luxurious, five star hotels that offer plenty of amenities to ensure your vacation offers plenty of pampering to cozy and comfortable bed and breakfasts that serve as a home away from home. There are several factors to take into account when selecting Marco Island hotels, and these include more than price range. The size of the hotel room is paramount, as you will find that you can stretch your purchasing dollar by choosing a room that perfectly accommodates your needs.

Most hotels are given a rating by visitors and organizations; however, it is important to realize that many of these ratings are personal opinions, as there is not one local board that rates hotels. Keep this in mind when choosing a hotel stay at Marco Island. Five star hotels are those that have the most exquisite amenities and are often the most expensive of the hotel stays.

Several of the most popular five star hotels in Marco Island include the Marco Beach Ocean Resort, the Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort and Spa, Marco Island Marriott Resort, and the Sunset Cove Resort and Suites. Other top rated hotels include the Boat House Motel, Marco Island Lakeside Inn, Marriott’s Crystal Shores, the Ivey House and the Olde Marco Island Inn and Suites. The city of Naples sits adjacent to Marco Island and some choose to stay at hotels in the nearby city. Some of Naples most popular hotels include Bellasera and Green Links Golf Villas at Lely Resort, the Vanderbilt Beach Resort and LaQuinta Inn and Suites.

With Marco Island’s location right along the Gulf of Mexico, many of Marco Island’s hotels provide delightful waterfront views that enable visitors to enjoy manatees and dolphins as they frolic in the waters. Five star hotels and resorts often include swimming pools and spas in addition to locations on the beach. Marco Island is known for its beautiful beaches and scenic views and those who plan a trip to the island will not be disappointed.

Those planning a golfing vacation may wish to stay at the Lely Resort or the Marco Island Florida Resort and Spa Golf Course. There are many hotels that provide a plethora of benefits and amenities. Take your time and research each hotel’s accommodations as well as their location in proximity to the water. With gorgeous sunsets, scenic views and wildlife, you are certain to find a Marco Island hotel that will meet your needs, tastes, and budget.

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Marco Island Restaurants


Marco Island, Florida is revered for its location situated on the Gulf of Mexico and is the largest of Florida’s “Ten Thousand Islands.” Comprised of mangroves, the island is a popular tourist attraction and combines the best of “Old Florida” with modern day luxuries. A trip to Marco Island includes some of the most exquisite scenic views, closeness to the Everglades for exciting and adventurous fishing and boating trips, delightful shelling experiences on Marco Island’s pristine, white sand beaches, and plenty of luxury resorts, spas and golfing resorts to enjoy. Additionally, Marco Island has a plethora of fine dining experiences through local eateries and five star restaurants to ensure that visitors enjoy the island’s delicious cuisine.

Marco Island’s location to the Gulf of Mexico ensures that local fare includes plenty of shrimp, scallops, crabs, and fish. One of the most popular seafood dishes served up in Marco Island is grouper. Some of the most popular restaurants in Marco Island include The Islander Restaurant where you can enjoy the ultimate soup and salad bar and enjoy old fashioned, home style cooking that serves everything from fish to steak. An affordable restaurant you can try the Marco’s Best Burger for under $11.00 or the Mediterranean Italian specialty, which is sautéed chicken with spinach, garlic, olives, tomato, and Feta cheese for approximately $16.00.

Those who enjoy raw food and sushi may want to visit the Crazy Flamingo. With local fare such as Conch Chowder for under $5.00 and a fresh raw bar, the Crazy Flamingo offers fare for everyone. You can also get steamed clams, oysters, mussels and a combination platter for $22.00 or less. Those interested in a nice intimate setting may wish to visit the Café de Marco as the café has been named the best seafood restaurant on the island from 1996-2001. Some fare includes Gulf specialties such as baked tilapia, macadamia nut encrusted dolphin, snapper alamondine and crab au gratin.

Another popular restaurant in Marco Island is the House of Mozart. The restaurant features Austrian fare such as Goulash Vienna, Wiener Schnitzel, Zwiebelrostbraten Girardi, Jaeger Schnitzel and more. In addition to their Austrian fare, the House of Mozart also specializes in seafood delights such as Red Snapper Almondine, Poached Filet of Sole, Shrimp Alfredo, Shrimp Scampi, and Poached Filet of Sole.

Marco Island is full of wonderful restaurants that ensures that everyone visiting the island has the opportunity to partake in delicious cuisine that will only add spice to their vacation.

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Marco Island Fishing


Florida provides a plethora of exciting fishing opportunities and fishing in Marco Island is no exception. Situated on the coast, the Gulf of Mexico is an idyllic location for year round fishing as the waters are hospitable and pleasantly temperate. The area is known for professional fishing adventures, chartered fishing excursions as well as solitary days spent relaxing in a rented boat or canoe. Whether a novice or working on your latest trophy, fishing in Marco Island, Florida will not disappoint.

As Marco Island sits adjacent to the Everglades, there are plenty of opportunities to join in on an Everglades fishing expedition. These are revered as providing a memorable experience that will last a lifetime as there is nothing like the Everglades found anywhere else on earth. Fly fishing, spin casting, plug fishing, offshore wreck, and reef fishing are just some of the adventures awaiting visitors to the largest of Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands. Selecting a chartered fishing trip enables visitors to enjoy the scenic beauty and plentiful fishing options in areas not well known by many. Marco Island has many experienced captains and fishing guides that can lead you to some of the most plentiful fishing ever experienced.

The Gulf of Mexico provides numerous water activities to enjoy and those who are not fishing enthusiasts may still join in on the fun. A chartered fishing excursion in Marco Island often includes dolphin watching, witnessing the beauty of the Mangrove Forest, and discovering the majesty of Florida’s immense and diverse wildlife.

In addition to fishing, Marco Island, Florida is revered for its shelling experiences. Aware of plentiful shelling spots, most captains will provide time for those on the trip to enjoy shelling on the island’s white sandy beaches. Many collectors and enthusiasts are amazed at the amount of shells available on Marco Island beaches.

Experienced fisher men and women will discover plenty of marinas that dot the coastline as well as tackle shops. Those who are comfortable navigating the waters on their own will find plenty of boat rentals available to choose from as well as locals willing to fill you in on the hot spots and fishing tips. There are also ample amounts of bridges throughout the island where locals frequently fish. Check with local marinas for insight into these areas; also make sure to inquire about any fishing permits needed to participate in the activities. Marco Island is full of wonderful fishing opportunities for tourists to enjoy.

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Marco Island Golf Courses


Florida is known for its beaches, great resorts, water adventures and golfing. From Tiger Woods to Arnold Palmer, many of the world’s greatest golf pros have chosen to make Florida their home and those who visit the state can indulge in marvelous golfing opportunities. Marco Island is known for its beautiful, Gulf Coast view, but it also boasts a number of great golfing opportunities. From private golf courses to golfing resorts and public courses, those planning a vacation to Marco Island can enjoy some of the finest golfing available.

Some of the island’s most popular private golf clubs include the Island Country Club, the Hideaway Beach Golf Course, Hammock Bay, and Lely Resort Golf & Country Club. The Golf Club at Fiddler’s Creek is a public course that boasts 18 holes over an impressive 7, 157 yards. Also for consideration are the golf courses at the Lily Resort that includes the Classics, Flamingo Island, and The Mustang. The Lely Resort is known for their greens and the resort features 54 holes that are regarded as some of Florida’s best golfing opportunities.

Those seeking an all inclusive golf resort vacation may wish to consider the Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort, Golf Club, and Spa. Located in Naples, the resort features the Rookery at Marco Golf Course, which is closed to the public. Those planning a golfing vacation may wish to contact different resorts to determine whether or not they have active specials as many resorts frequently offer special discount packages. Golf vacations are in high demand and those that visit Marco Island will not be disappointed.

Marco Island features four miles of white sand beaches, making the destination a perfect spot for those who bring family members, friends, or special guests on vacation who do not wish to participate in golf. A resort vacation package often includes amenities such as a swimming pool, spa, fitness centers, proximity to beaches and special activities for children, ensuring that everyone and not just the golf enthusiast, has a great time.

Those looking for a great vacation in Marco Island will find there are plenty of options to choose from. With a wide array of water sports, recreational activities, fine dining and shopping events, to golf resort packages that include championship courses, and great freebies all visitors to Marco Island can find the perfect activity to make their holiday a once in a lifetime event.

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Marco Island Real Estate


Marco Island, Florida is a great place to vacation, but it is also a wonderful place to live as well as purchase a vacation home. Marco Island offers a number of benefits to its residents, such as water activities and sports, boating, fishing, museums, restaurants, and wonderful beachfront properties. The island’s close proximity to the Everglades ensures that there is always some exciting adventure waiting to be had. Those who buy property in Marco Island are investing in a tropical paradise that is sure to reward homeowners with many of years of enjoyment.

As the largest island of the “Ten Thousand Islands,” Marco Island provides a wide plethora of activities for residents and tourists alike. Whether buying property for year round or seasonal use, or planning to rent a home to tourists as a means of additional income, property owners are more than satisfied with their property choices. Those considering Marco Island real estate have a number of options to choose from, as well as property types. There are single and multi family homes, condominiums, vacant lots, and foreclosures that can provide the buyer with an exceptional deal. Additionally, there are beachfront and boating properties as well as property for sale in golfing communities.

When considering Marco Island real estate, it is a good idea to determine whether you prefer a preexisting home or wish to build or choose new property. Marco Island has plenty of areas that are ready for building and those in need of land will find there are great building opportunities available.

One of the biggest draws to Marco Island is that in addition to its reputation as a popular tourist destination, it has the draw and coziness of a small town where the locals know each other and are friendly. The island also features a rich history that makes it a popular Florida destination. Marco Island boasts approximately four miles of white sand beaches and its location on the Gulf of Mexico provides better weather conditions than other Florida cities. For instance, Marco Island, Florida receives less rain than inland cities during the rainy season and enjoys frequent Gulf breezes while other cities deal with humidity. The area is also a haven for archaeologists and many significant finds have been discovered in the area. From luxury living at some of the finest golf courses to waterfront property and beach resorts, Marco Island real estate provides some of the best housing in Florida.

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Marco Island Airport


Privately owned by the Collier County ARPT Authority, the Marco Island Executive Airport is a small airport located on Mainsail Drive in Naples, Florida. Marco Island Airport is a public airport approximately four miles northeast of Marco Island. The airport differs from others as instead of using one, three-letter location identifier for the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Marco Island Airport uses two separate identifiers. For the FAA, Marco Island Airport uses the identifier MKY and for the IATA is uses MRK. The International Civil Aviation Organization uses the identifier KMKY. The nearest airport after Marco Island Executive Airport is Naples Municipal Airport.

Those visiting beautiful Marco Island, Florida will find the airport is a convenient way to access the city. Marco Island is a popular tourist destination due to its sugary-sand beaches, and temperate climate that provides for year round activities. Water activities, its close proximity to the Florida Everglades, and its reputation as being the largest barrier island in Florida’s “Ten Thousand Islands,” has caused it to become one of Florida’s greatest destinations. Marco Island offers plenty of activities and events year round, keeping visitors and locals alike satisfied. The airport itself is minimal sized with a 5000-foot runway and is situated in an isolated area leaving it free from the bustling traffic often associated with airports. For those using charter flights, Marco Island Airport is the perfect choice.

The airport features 24-hour, on demand service with a pilots’ lounge and flight planning room. Concierge services are available as well as courtesy vehicles. A comfortable passenger lounge area is featured with vending machines for refreshments. There are no stage 2 restrictions and the airport has a WSI computerized weather system. With the airport’s close proximity to area attractions, there are many businesses ready to assist those visiting the area. Limo services are available to ensure those landing at Marco Island Airport have access to luxury transportation. Other area transportation services include Enterprise Car Rental, Avis Rent-a-Car, Hertz Rent-a-Car, and Classic Taxi. Those planning an aerial vacation may land at the airport then catch a flight with Island Hoppers aerial tours. There is private air charter available as well as air shuttles and air taxis.

Those interested in large, domestic airports may find that the Naples Municipal Airport meets their needs. The airport is located approximately 13 miles from Marco Island Airport. Another large, domestic airport is Southwest Florida International Airport. Located in South Fort Myers, Florida, the Southwest Florida International Airport is approximately 38 miles from the Marco Island Airport. Marco Island Airport provides many benefits for those traveling by chartered flight.

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